1. You have so many hats to wear…it’s like daily triage. Glad to know that spiritual growth gets top billing. Please know that your struggle is our daily prayer. Maybe this sounds cliche, but God has brought you to it and will equipment you through it. We can see the biblical backbone that God is building in our Regular Pastors. You are not afraid to reach into the messy puddles of the hurting and help people out of the mess that their sin or someone else’s has caused. Thank God for men who are called to preach, reach and love those of us who are unlovable.


  2. Undeniable with JOE Buck (Landon Coleman )
    Great interview! Neither of you Pastors brought
    up the dog and pony show . Most of the young professionals in Odessa Midland are going to gather together in a so called fancy church
    where there is no chance of getting Drilling mud
    or bearing grease on their Sunday best .
    You best have a Bible app on your phone because you won’t find any Bibles in the service
    Unless you bring your own.

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  3. I finally got up the nerve to listen and I was a nervous wreck until the phone beep was over.

    I’m not trying to sound cheesy, but I’ve served under a lot of “regular pastors”, and I’ve appreciated them all for different reasons. But I appreciate you for spending part of your week investing in your staff. You mentioned that it was one of the things on your plate each week that you have to juggle, and I know it takes time, but I am grateful for it. I appreciate that you don’t just challenge the ministry staff, but the support staff as well. You do many things very well and I just want you to know I think that’s one of the things you do best.

    I have enjoyed both of your podcasts! …Ok, lets go back to being sarcastic now. 😬


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