10 Things Every Christian Parent Should Teach Their Kids

KidsIn no particular order, here are 10 things every Christian parent should teach their kids:





  1. How to support their church through “tithing.”
  2. The importance of making eye contact and speaking clearly.
  3. How to practice spiritual disciplines.
  4. The importance of taking care of your possessions.
  5. How to read and enjoy books.
  6. The importance of saying “thank you.”
  7. How to apologize and how to forgive.
  8. The reality that sin always has consequences.
  9. How to be a good friend, especially to the friendless.
  10. The supreme value of knowing Jesus and being known by Jesus.

Obviously parents must teach more than these 10 things, but 10 makes for a nice list.

What would you add to your “top 10?”

Originally published January 9, 2017 on landoncoleman.com.