The Times They Are A-Changin’

Bob DylanIn 1964 Bob Dylan released an album titled “The Times They Are A-Changing.” The tag line of the title track is already running through your head if you know the song, and for that you’re welcome. Dylan wanted to write a song that captured the spirit of his age … change. I doubt that you need to be told, but Dylan’s song proved to be prophetic. They times they have been a-changin’.

There have been many “changes” over the past fifty years, but none has been as dramatic as society’s view of homosexuality. What was once widely recognized as both a sin and a disorder is now recognized as good and normal. The highest court in the land has officially turned a former sin and disorder into a basic human right. The tables have been completely turned on those who insist on holding to antiquated views of human sexuality. Today, anyone who dares promote a traditional and biblical view of human sexuality is now labeled a homophobic and bigoted. How this all happened in fifty short years is another discussion. My point is that it has happened. The times they have a-changed.

Christians in the United States need to see the trajectory of society … Not so we can rail about our country and reminisce about the good old days … But so we can gird our loins for what may be coming. Rod Dreher recently wrote an article titled “We Have Been Warned.” If you are part of a church that stands for a traditional, biblical view of human sexuality, Dreher’s thoughts are worth reading. In short form, Dreher’s argument can be summarized with this quote from the article, “The church will be under unprecedented pressure, legally and socially, to capitulate. But it will be possible to resist, though not without paying a high cost.”

What does this mean for our churches today? It means those of us who stand for a traditional, biblical view of human sexuality will continue to feel marginalized by society. Odds are, we will be the weird fringe in a short time. Eventually, we may face legal or economic consequences for refusing to buy-in to the new sexual ethic. It also means we need to be serious about raising a generation of believers who are ready to face challenges of which we have never dreamed. If our young people are not grounded in the unchanging truth of the Scriptures, then we might as well start singing, “My church she is a-changin.”

Our beliefs, our lives, our churches, our discipleship, our teaching, our worship, our missions, our evangelism, our service, our everything must be grounded in the Scriptures. Last week Al Mohler preached a remarkable convocation message at Southern Seminary. In that message he spoke from Psalm 119 and powerfully argued, “If God’s Word is settled, that settles it.” You can, and should, watch his convocation message.

A few things are certain … The times will continue to change, and the church of tomorrow must be equipped to deal with issues the church of today has never faced. We don’t equip the next generation by predicting the issues of tomorrow, nor do we equip the next generation by predicting the consequences of biblical faithfulness. We equip the next generation by building our foundation on the unchanging truth of God’s Word.

Originally published August 29, 2016 on