5 Reasons You Should Listen to Christian Podcasts

close up of hedphones

If you’re not listening to Christian podcasts, I think you’re missing out. Here are 5 reasons you should be listening to Christian podcasts (tomorrow I’ll post 5 reasons you should be wary of “Christian” podcasts).


  1. Podcasts can give you more exposure to the Word of God. Pastors often lament the fact that in a week of 168 hours we only get a couple of hours with our people at church. However, listening to good podcasts during the week can increase your exposure to the Word of God beyond the Sunday morning worship gathering.
  2. Podcasts can help you stay current with your church. Many churches record and post sermons online. This is a great way to keep your people connected to the teaching ministry of your church. Older members who are home bound, members who are traveling, and members who have to work Sundays can stay current.
  3. Podcasts allow you to learn from some great Bible teachers. The number of  top notch Bible teachers you can access for free on the internet is simply remarkable. We live in a time and a place where we have more access to phenomenal Bible teaching than any other people  in church history. Don’t waste that opportunity.
  4. Podcasts help you “redeem the time.” Most of us have redeemable time that we could devote to learning. It may be while you do yard work, while you exercise, while you rock a baby to sleep, or while you’re driving in the car. These are moments that can easily be redeemed by plugging in and listening to a good Christian podcast.
  5. Podcasts give you exposure to different perspectives. Personally, I have learned a tremendous amount of truth from men and women who are not aligned with my denominational tribe. Of course you need to be careful when it comes to listening to different perspectives. But on the whole I think this is a great thing for believers.

These are a few reasons I think you should listen to Christian podcasts. Tomorrow I’ll be posting about 5 dangers you need to be aware of if you listen to Christian podcasts. Then on Wednesday I’ll be sharing my favorite podcasts for Wednesday Wisdom.

Originally published February 6, 2017 on landoncoleman.com.