Christ Centered Exposition: Philippians

CCE Philippians

All Bible commentaries are not created equal, especially when they are being used in preparation for teaching and preaching. Some are so technical and detailed the reader leaves without an understanding of the big picture. Others are so pastoral and simplistic the reader leaves without grasping the depths of a passage. Finding commentaries that balance these issues can be challenging.

The Christ Centered Exposition commentary is a unique resource for those who teach or preach. Most recently, I’ve been using the volume on Philippians. This volume has been one of 9 commentaries I’ve used to study for a sermon series in Philippians. As I’ve studied, the Christ Centered Exposition has consistently been one of my favorites. Here are my favorite features of this series:

  • Each chapter begins with a “main idea” that summarizes and unifies the passage.
  • Each chapter contains an outline with major points and sub points.
  • Each chapter has a solid balance of biblical exegesis and pastoral application.
  • Each chapter ends with questions for reflection and discussion.

All in all, I’d recommend this commentary series to a wide range of people. Believers wanting to study and learn will find these volumes accessible, and pastors who are preparing to teach and preach will find these volumes helpful.