Every Good Endeavor, Tim Keller

Every Good Endeavor

What is work? Why do we have to work? Why is work so frustrating? Why is it so frustrating when we can’t work? What is the difference between work and vocation? Am I “called” to my work? How does Jesus impact the way I work? How does Jesus impact the reason I work? These are all important questions addressed by Tim Keller addresses in Every Good Endeavor.

I think the typical American segregates their life into “spiritual” things that happen at church and “secular” things that make up the rest of the week. And for most, work is the biggest time commitment we make on a weekly basis. When Christians try to “spiritualize” their work it usually sounds like this:

  • My (secular) work enables me to give to (spiritual) causes.
  • My (secular) work gives me opportunity to share the gospel.
  • My (secular) work is somehow related to helping other people.

Tim Keller’s approach is far richer and much more biblical. Every Good Endeavor is broken into three parts. Part I, God’s Plan for Work. Part II, Our Problems with Work. Part III, The Gospel and Work. I think the average lay-person would benefit greatly from a deeper and more biblical understanding about “work,” and Keller’s book is a great place to start.