Good and Angry, David Powlison

Good and Angry

You may not think you have an anger problem, but David Powlison is certain you do. If you disagree, you should read chapter 2 which is titled, “Do You Have a Serious Problem with Anger?” The chapter consists of a one-word answer … “Yes.”

Your anger may take the form of, “Quiet brooding, defensive withdrawal, judgmental thoughts, low-grade irritability, a critical attitude, avoiding outright conflict, indifference to reparable wrongs,” but rest assured … You have an anger problem.

In Good and Angry, Powlison offers helpful advice for diagnosing and dealing with your anger. The thing I like most about the book is Powlison’s consistent emphasis on the condition of your heart. He refuses to let angry people off the hook with excuses about annoying people or difficult circumstances. Instead, consistently calls the reader to accept responsibility for his or her anger. He also consistently points the reader to God’s grace and the gospel of Jesus Christ.