How We Got the Bible, Clinton Arnold

How We Got the Bible

I think most of us take the Bible for granted. After all, in the United States most of us have access to bookstores (brick-and-mortar or online) where we can purchase a seemingly infinite number of Bibles. We have Bibles for kids and adults, Bibles for study and for easy reading, Bibles with tiny print and large print, Bibles with notes and Bibles without verse numbers. In the midst of so many Bibles to choose from, it’s wise to step back and ask a very simple question: “How did we get the Bible?”

In How We Got the Bible, New Testament scholar Clinton E. Arnold answers that question. Not only does he trace the historical development of the canon of Scripture, he also includes hundreds of pictures and charts. Hence the subtitle, A Visual Journey. If you’ve heard crazy stories about the origin of the Bible and how we ended up with the Bible that we have today, you need to set the record straight with Arnold’s help. How We Got the Bible is a fun, informative, and important read.