Trilogy on the Church, Joe Thorn

Joe Thorn Trilogy

Joe Thorn is the pastor of Redeemer Fellowship, the co-host of the Doctrine and Devotion podcast, and the author of two previously released books. Recently, Thorn released a trilogy on the church. These books are are great introduction to various issues related to biblical ecclesiology.

Volume one is titled The Heart of the ChurchIn this volume, Thorn explains the gospel, the Christians experience of the gospel, and the God of the gospel. These sections focus on biblical theology and reformed soteriology.

Volume two is titled The Character of the Church. In this volume, Thorn discusses the marks of a true church, namely, the preaching of the Word and the administration of the sacraments. He also writes about biblical leadership, church discipline, and the Great Commission.

Volume three is titled The Life of the Church. In this volume, Thorn uses three words to clarify three levels of church life: table, pulpit, and square. These words summarize church fellowship, church assembled, and church in the city.

The books are concise, accessible, and clearly written. All believers will benefit greatly from the gospel clarity of volume one, while those in positions of church leadership will especially benefit from the ministry insights of volumes two and three.