Parenting, Paul Tripp


I’ve read many of Paul Tripp’s books. While I’ve said this about other Tripp books, I truly mean it today: Parenting is my all-time favorite Paul Tripp book. Maybe this is because the book is classic Tripp, focusing on the “heart” of the matter. Maybe this is because lately I’ve come face to face with my inadequacies as a parent. Maybe this is because I see the young adults in my church struggling with the very issues Tripp addresses.

Bottom line: this is a great book.

There are dozens of quotes I could share here. For the sake of brevity, I’ll share two from the final chapter. I think both quotes summarize the book well.

  • “I  don’t need to be rescued from the sin, weakness, and failures of my children … My struggle is not them; it’s inside of me.”
  • “You are freed from the burden of changing your children. You have been liberated from the responsibility to make them believe. You have not been asked to cause them to think or desire what is right. You are simply called to expose what is bad, point to what is good, and talk about the Redeemer who can lead them from the one to the other.”

This book is refreshingly light on “to-do’s.” Instead, Tripp offers “14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family.” If you’re a parent, if you’re a grandparent, if you’re a youth leader, if you’re a pastor, if you’re in any position of influence over people … This book is worth your time.