The Baptist Confession of Faith 1689

Baptist Confession of Faith

Recently I purchased The Baptist Confession of Faith (1689) (aka, The Second London Confession) on Amazon. This confession of faith is a statement of Christian belief that Baptists in London compiled in 1689. It is based on the Westminster Confession of faith which came before it, and it is the basis of the Philadelphia Baptist Confession of Faith which came after it.

I know that most American Christians will never sit down to study a confession of faith. To many the idea seems boring and irrelevant. However, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Baptist Confession of Faith (1689), and I think this practice is a good one to adopt. Here are 3 reasons you should consider studying a good confession of Christian faith:

  1. Confessions of faith challenge your beliefs and your understanding of Scripture.
  2. Confessions of faith clarify doctrine and use precise theological language.
  3. Confessions of faith can reveal unnoticed holes in our faith and practice.