The Master Plan of Evangelism, Robert Coleman

The Master Plan of Evangelism

The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman is one of my all time favorite books. I truly believe anyone involved in Christian ministry or local church leadership should read this book.

The Master Plan is short and to the point. In the preface Coleman challenges the reader to ask two questions in reference to our “evangelistic” methods: “Is it worth doing? And does it get the job done?” He argues that if we are not seeing an ever increasing number of disciples who are in turn training more disciples, we need to step back and re-evaluate our evangelistic methods. 

Coleman’s suggestion is that we look to the master, Jesus of Nazareth. How did he “do evangelism?” Coleman’s answer is biblical and summarized in 8 short chapters. His “program” sounds more like what we term “discipleship,” and that’s exactly the point. Instead of spending less time with more people, Coleman urges us to spend more time with less people. He make this plea because he believes this was Jesus’ evangelistic strategy, and he boldly claims this is the only way to win the masses for the Kingdom.