Visual Theology, Tim Challies

Visual Theology

Visual Theology is unique among the theology books on my shelf. To be sure, Challies is not an innovative theologian. His doctrine is old-school in the best way. The uniqueness of Visual Theology is found in the combination of solid doctrine and eye-catching info-graphics. Challies and Byers have created a book that presents Christian doctrine in word and picture, combining the art of written word and visual graphics.

The aim of the book is simple. Challies and Byers want to help you grow in godliness (12). They explain, “It is a book about how to live the Christian life and how to train yourself not just by believing the right doctrines and truth but by putting those beliefs into action.”

Personally, I both enjoyed and benefited from the book. Since reading it, I’ve shared it with new believers as a solid, entry-level work of theology. In my home, I plan on using the book to teach my kids how to grow in godliness. If you enjoy reading theology, you’ll love Visual Theology. If you think theology makes boring reading, you should try Visual Theology.