God, Greed, and the Prosperity Gospel, Costi W. Hinn

God Greed Prosperity Gospel

Costi Hinn is the son of a prosperity gospel preacher. He’s also the nephew of prosperity gospel mega-star Benny Hinn. In God, Greed, and the Prosperity Gospel, Costi offers a behind the scenes look into some of the best-known “ministries” in the United States of America. His perspective does not flatter the prosperity gospel or its peddlers. Rather, Costi writes to expose to greed and hypocrisy that drives the prosperity gospel and its peddlers.

Why write a book like this?


  1. Costi is on a rescue operation. He’s trying to save people from the false gospel of prosperity preachers.
  2. Costi is not motivated by anger. He claims to love his family even as he exposes problems in the prosperity gospel.
  3. Costi is not judging anyone’s salvation. He holds out hope that many who are deceived would be saved.
  4. Costi is calling Christians to action. He wants us to use our sphere of influence for the spread of the true gospel.

The book is interesting, surprising, infuriating, and heart-breaking. Towards the end of the book, Costi offers several helpful “lists.”

  • Four Truths about False Teachers
  • 10 Reasons the Prosperity Gospel is Dangerous
  • 5 Biblical Principles about Health
  • 5 Biblical Principles about Wealth
  • 10 Suggestions for People Trying to Win Others to the Trut

In conclusion, the book is a helpful combination of personal story and Biblical perspective. Hinn writes from a unique position, the son and nephew of well-known prosperity preachers. More importantly, he writes with a solid understanding of the Biblical gospel and why it matters.