Portraits of a Pastor, Jason Allen

Portraits of a Pastor

What’s the job description for a “regular pastor?” Any regular pastor will tell you, there are plenty of spoken and un-spoken expectations that come with the title “pastor.” The real question is, “How does the Bible describe the responsibilities of a pastor?”

In Portraits of a Pastor, the contributors help pastors think through their God-given rolls and responsibilities. Particularly helpful are the chapters on the pastor as shepherd (Jared C. Wilson), pastor as preacher (Jason K. Allen), and pastor as man of God (Donald D. Whitney). Below are my favorite quotes from the book:

  • “Not every Christian man with an entrepreneurial spirit and a gift for speaking should be a pastor. I say this kindly – if your drive is not to feed the sheep, please quit.” (Wilson, 22)
  • “Within the context of the local church, I believe preaching is the pastor’s preeminent responsibility. Preaching is his indispensable task, his paramount duty, and his most consequential and urgent job assignment. For the pastor, preaching is priority number one.” (Allen, 57)
  • “Not every man of God is a pastor, but every pastor must be a man of God.” (Whitney, 161)