Truth Matters, Andreas Kostenberger, Darrell Bock, and Josh Chatraw

Truth Matters“What do you do when the Bible goes from being the answer to being the question?” (Truth Matters, Kostenberger, Bock, Chatraw)

Truth Matters is a book written to help high school graduates answers this question. Specifically, the authors want Christians to feel confident when their college professors challenge their faith in a classroom setting.

How do the authors hope to establish this confidence? First, they want students to know some of the attacks they will face in a college classroom. Second, they want students to be able to intelligently respond to these attacks.

The specific attacks addressed in this book are those that have been popularly championed by Dr. Bart Ehrman. Ehrman glamorizes skepticism, questions God’s goodness in light of human suffering, and raises doubts about the reliability of the Bible.

“If you still want to be standing upright when the pillars of your faith are rocked repeatedly back and forth, when everything you’ve believed about God and the Bible is called into mocking question – two or three periods a week, for a full hour at a time – then you desperately need the information you’re about to read.” (Truth Matters, Kostenberger, Bock, Chatraw)

Kostenberger, Bock, and Chatraw have written a short, accessible, and helpful book for students who want to prepare for the attacks that will certainly come their way in a college classroom.