Time for a Break and Something New


It’s been two years since I started writing weekly posts at landoncoleman.com. This was my first foray into the blogosphere. I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts, and I have enjoyed hearing yours. When I started two years ago I knew little about blogging. I did know that I loved writing, and I have since learned that maintaining a blog requires a great deal of discipline and thought.

After two years, this format has run it’s course. It’s not that I’m bored with what I’ve been doing, it’s just that I’m ready for a change. I’m also ready for a break. From now on, I plan on taking summers “off.” These summer breaks will be a sort of “Sabbath,” a time to rest and refocus. This summer, I’ll be redesigning and rebranding my blog under the new title “Regular Pastor.”

I’ve learned that every writer needs a “platform,” or a position from which they speak. Some are great scholars. Others pastor huge churches, have experience on the mission field, speak at mega-conferences, and host popular podcasts. I cannot lay claim to any of these platforms. I pastor an average sized chuch in an average sized town, and for this I’m sincerely  grateful.

I’m a regular pastor. That means I split most of my time between preaching, pastoring, and administering. Occasionally I’ve been blessed with opportunities to teach for universities and seminaries. I try to participate in at least one cross-cultural mission trip a year. Twice I’ve had the privilege of writing books that someone wanted to publish. Mostly, I’m just a regular pastor.

Rather than, “I’m JUST a regular pastor,” I should probably say, “I’m a regular pastor.” Like anyone in ministry, there are times I wish I was in a different ministry. But most of the time I’m grateful for for the opportunity to be a regular pastor. I’m grateful for the position from which I write, my “platform.” I’m a regular pastor writing to regular Christians and regular pastors.

This fall I’ll be relaunching my blog at regularpastor.com, and you’ll be able to follow the new site on both Facebook and Twitter. All of the blog content from landoncoleman.com will be made available, and I’ll be posting new content. I’ll continue to write book reviews and compile links to helpful online resources, and I hope to offer more posts from guest contributors.

I’m thankful for those who have followed my blog, and especially thankful for those who have interacted with comments, messages, and emails. I pray landoncoleman.com has been encouraging, and I pray regularpastor.com is as well. Summers off will allow me to work on other projects. Currently I have three books in process, and I’ll keep you updated here.

Over the summer I’ll be working on regularpastor.com, posting old content on the new site, getting two new social media pages up and running, and looking for guest contributors. I’d love to hear your suggestions about the next year. If time and  resources allowed I’d really love to start a Regular Pastor podcast. For now, thanks for checking in. I’ll be back September 4!

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