Best of 2018


To close the year, I’m sharing the top blog posts and top podcasts of 2018.

Top blog posts:

  1. 4 Church Trends That Make Me Uncomfortable
  2. Our Deadly Obsession with Celebrity Culture
  3. 5 Ways to Make the Most of 936 Weekends
  4. 10 Thoughts about “God and the Gay Christian” by Matthew Vines
  5. 5 Things I Don’t Want to Hear in a Sermon

Top podcast episodes:

  1. When Is a Church Member Allowed to Leave Their Church (S2:E4)
  2. Are Pastors Responsible for Feeding Their People (S1:E5)
  3. How Big Should Your Church Be (S1:E8)
  4. Should Pastors Blog (S1:E7)
  5. Canned Evangelism Programs (S2:E1)

In 2019 I’ll continue to post a new blog or podcast each week, so check back “next year” for new content on Regular Pastor!

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