Twitter, Flags, Signs, and The Equality Act

This afternoon CNN posted a story titled “Marjorie Taylor Greene Posts Anti-Transgender Sign Across Hall from Lawmaker with Transgender Child.” The article details a contentious back-and-forth between Rep. Greene (Georgia) and Rep. Marie Newman (Illinois).

The story explains that Newman, who has a transgender daughter, posted a video on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. In that video, the camera pans from Greene’s office across the hall to Newman’s office where the Representative hung a pink and blue transgender flag before wiping her hands in satisfaction. The Tweet explained the flag was hung so that Greene, who opposes the Equality Act, would see the flag every time she left her office.

Later that evening, Green shared Newman’s post with a video of her own. Greene’s video pans from Newman’s office across the hall to Greene’s office where the Representative hung a sign that reads There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE “Trust The Science!” In the video, Green mimics Newman in wiping her hands in satisfaction. Her Tweet explained that the sign was posted so that Newman, who supports the Equality Act over women’s rights and religious freedom, would see the sign every time she leaves her office.

If you want to read about the Equality Act, you can do so here (it’s a dreadful piece of legislation designed to destroy religious liberty). If you want to read more about the hallway back-and-forth between Rep. Greene and Rep. Newman, you can go elsewhere. This post is not focused on the petty social media posts of our elected representatives. Rather, this post is focused on the language used in the CNN story. Consider the following:

  • The article link refers to Greene’s “anti-transgender sign.” However, the sign says nothing about transgenderism and is not actually negative in any way. The sign simply expresses what millions of Americans instinctively know to be true – there are two genders, male and female. The sign even appeals to science to confirm what we all know to be true. Your chromosomes and your DNA reveal one of two realities: you are either male or female. The fact that the sign is labeled “anti-transgender” is significant. The journalist has clearly taken the side of the LGBTQ+ movement and rejected any traditional understanding of gender and sexuality as scientific, binary realities.
  • The article describes Green’s action as an “antagonizing move” despite the fact that Newman’s flag video was clearly directed toward Greene (the video begins with the camera focused on Greene’s office). Nevertheless, Greene assured CNN reporters that her original Tweet was not an attempt to start any kind of fight or conflict. When Greene responded with a parody video and a sign, however, CNN described her video as “antagonizing.” The article goes on to say that Greene’s Tweet was driven by “hate” and “bigoted.” Apparently we are to see Newman’s post as witty and light-hearted, while we are to see Greene’s response as sinister and an example of cyber-bullying.

This kind of reporting was on display in articles posted by CNN, The Washington Post, NBC, and ABC. The entire episode reveals the current state of American discourse. This is the Orwellian world in which we live. Up is down. Left is right. Blue is red. Hanging a transgender flag is an act of courage and bravery, but posting a sign that appeals to the scientific realities of male and female is an act of bigotry and hate.

If you think the mainstream media is only jumping on Greene because of her recent, outspoken, controversial statements, you’re wrong. This episode is reflective of the current “social imaginary” that dominates American culture. You don’t have to be Majorie Taylor Greene to be the target of the woke mob. You just have to insist that male is male and female is female. You just have to insist that science and biology are more determinative than one’s sense of inner self.

Believe these things and proclaim these things, and you too can be labeled a bigot. Christians ought to read stories like this one and take note. We ought to take note because the secular-progressive mob has put us all on notice with legislation like the Equality Act. The Equality Act really has nothing to do with “equality.” Instead, it’s all about power – the power to control what people believe and say about gender and sexuality.

The radical left sees no reason to allow disagreement on issues like gender and sexuality. They are true totalitarians. There is no plan to let reasonable people disagree about these issues. Instead, there is a desire to legislate the lies of the left so that holding to traditional, biblical ideas about gender and sexuality becomes an act of dissent and defiance. Christian people, along with anyone who values free thought, free expression, and free speech, must be willing to stand on the truth even when the mainstream media, the “experts,” the social media mob, and the government tell us to believe a lie.

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