Pray for Your Regular Pastor

Recently I came across a wonderful quote in AW Pink’s An Exposition of Hebrews. You can read Pink’s commentary for free over at Monergism, just scroll down to page 1,382 and read Pink’s comments on Hebrews 3:18.

“The servants of Christ stand in real and urgent need of the prayers of their people. They are but men themselves, ignorant, weak, and erring, and unless they are granted a double portion of the Spirit they are not equipped for their arduous and honorable calling. They are the ones who bear the brunt of the battle, and are the special objects of Satan’s attacks. They are often tempted to compromise, to keep back that which, though unpalatable to them, is most profitable for their hearers. In the face of many disappointments and discouragements, they are apt to grow weary in well doing. It is, then, both our duty and privilege to supplicate God on their behalf for daily supplies of grace to be granted them from on High; that they may be delivered from temptations, kept faithful, steadfast and devoted.”

This post is short and simple … listen to Pink, and pray for your pastor!

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  1. Thank you for this reminder, Landon. I am guilty of neglecting to pray for my pastor and other church staff members, allowing the more “urgent” prayer requests for people’s health, etc. to take precedence.

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